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Launch of Christina Rossi 2018 Collection & Couture Range

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Things to Do with Your Wedding Dress after the Wedding

Your wedding dress is the most important piece of clothing you will ever buy or possess. This is not only because it mirrors the most significant day of your life but also because it is a manifestation of hours and hours of planning that went into its design and making. And after you have walked down the aisle in [...]

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How to Keep Your Wedding Dress a Secret from Your Would-be?

You have at last said yes to your wedding dress! However right now, you are fraught with fear that your fiancé is going to, in some way, see it before the wedding day. Take it easy, since, in all honestly, the idea of looking around the house (or perhaps your mobile phone, for that matter) to simply grab a [...]

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What Colors to Choose Other Than White for Your Wedding Dress?

Choosing your Wedding Dress in Melbourne or Sydney is one among the most thrilling and also nerve racking aspects of the wedding day experience. Much like deciding on the ideal partner, choosing an appropriate dress is going to be a mix of love at first sight, luck, and trusting that your consultant has the right information to help you [...]

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Everything you need to know about finding your Dream Wedding Dress

Every girl wants to look gorgeous on her wedding day. A wedding dress plays an important role in this regard. Some girls start dreaming about their wedding dress from a very young age. The wedding dress sets the tone for the wedding ceremony. Some dresses are formal ones whereas the others are more party centric. On the wedding day [...]

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A Shopping Guide to Help You Choose Plus-Size Wedding Dresses

In case you are just getting started to find an ideal plus-size wedding dress you in Melbourne or Sydney, you already realize that it would be a bit of an issue. Never mind that retail store sample sizes are not usually full-figure friendly — there is likewise an evidently infinite number of styles, clothing materials, and silhouettes to pick [...]

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How to Choose Dresses for Your Bridesmaids in Melbourne or Sydney That You Wont Regret?

Wedding ceremonies are all about the bride-to-be, and this article does not imply to detract from that. However, we stand up before all of you beautiful brides imploring that you make sure you choose dresses for your Bridesmaids in Melbourne or Sydney that appear pretty and cute, and not the things nightmares are made of!Listed below are [...]

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What to Keep in Mind When Looking for Designer Gowns in Sydney?

You wish to look completely spectacular on your wedding day, therefore deciding on the best wedding dress is important. Regardless of whether you are opting for a conventional white-colored gown or perhaps for a different style, you would like a dress that fits you well and enhances your charm. Below are a couple of pointers to bear in mind when [...]

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Essential Things to Keep in Mind for Your Wedding Dress Fitting

********Congratulations********There can be nothing more special than the instance when you have bought the wedding dress of your choice. The next thing to do is to work with your seamstress until it fits you flawlessly. You might be amazed to realize that there is a lot more to the wedding dress fittings than simply turning up and giving them [...]

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